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​As an actor and filmmaker with over a decade of experience, it is thrilling to work with fellow artists who share the same vision of authenticity, inclusion, and genuineness.

– Brandi Price, award-winning actor & filmmaker




Brand Price is an award-winning actor and filmmaker with a passion for authenticity, a dash of comedy and a whole lot of love. As an ally for equal rights, she believes opening one’s perspective through exposure and genuine connections with people unlike oneself breaks down socially constructed barriers that restrict growth

Through her production company, Baseline Beatnik — whose inspiration comes from celebrating an off-the-beaten-path approach to life  — she provides a platform for those stories. Although these underrepresented perspectives are rarely seen, she is changing that – one story at a time.

Brandi began acting at a young age; in fact, her mom once caught her in her grandmother’s attic, crying. When prodded about what was wrong, she responded succinctly, “Nothing. I’m just practicing.”

As an actor, Brandi is known for her wide range – from comedic to dramatic and back again. She has starred in several indie features including “Rockabilly Baby,” “Between Notes” and more recently “The Challenger Disaster” – a behind-the-scenes look at what happened with the Challenger space shuttle.

Through her innate curiosity, she started producing, writing, and directing in addition to acting.  Ultimately, producing, writing and directing called her more fervently.  Her first grander endeavor was Committed, a fan short that she co-produced – and played the main character, Harley Quinn. Committed traveled with GeekFest – and was lauded by the late, great Stan Lee himself. This short-form piece also won several awards, including Best Short at DragonCon and Best Actor/Actress at several other film festivals.

You can find more of her work, including her lockdown comedy web series, Le’Quarantine on her YouTube Channel, “Baseline Beatnik with Brandi Price,” which has over 20,000 subscribers.

Currently, she is employed as an actor and freelance filmmaker – while continuing to produce original work. In her free time, Brandi loves hiking, playing games – both traditional board games and those of the electronic variety – or simply curling up with a good book. She’s also fluent in Spanish, is learning guitar, and loves cooking – from baking tasty brownies to concocting scrumptious soups!